What are Braces?

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Braces are fixed orthodontic appliances, which means they stay put throughout your treatment. They use steady, gentle pressure to straighten your teeth and align your bite. Getting started with your Papillion, NE braces treatment is as easy as calling us at (402) 592-3200 or emailing info@hawleyorthodontics.com and scheduling your free exam.



All types of braces consist of brackets and wires. The brackets are placed on your teeth with a special adhesive and then a member of the Hawley Orthodontics team runs an archwire through them. This wire guides your teeth into position. Since we use self-ligating braces, you don’t actually need elastics. However, a lot of our patients like to add them anyway to give their braces some fun color.

Tried and True Treatment

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Before you start imagining unwieldy hunks of metal, you should know today’s braces are nothing like they used to be. At Hawley Orthodontics, we use braces that are small, esthetic and efficient. Even the metal versions have seen big improvements. The reason braces remain so popular, is that they work really well on a wide variety of cases and for patients of all ages. At your free consultation, which you can schedule now by calling (402) 592-3200 or emailing info@hawleyorthodontics.com, Dr. Hawley will help you choose the ones that are best suited to your smile.

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