Monthly Orthodontic Contest Ideas


“St. Patrick’s Day Smile Challenge”: Encourage patients to dress up their braces with green accessories and submit photos for a chance to win a fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed prize.

“March Madness Challenge”: Set up a basketball hoop in your office with a timer. Give team members a chance to test their b-ball skills and then crown a winner. Do the same with your patients for a chance to win a $50 gift card to a local sporting goods store.

Fun additions for March Madness

Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop With Timer

“Lucky Retainer Raffle”: Enter patients into a raffle for a chance to win a fun reward or gift card every time they come in for a retainer check during the month of March.

“Spring Selfie Smile Contest”: Encourage patients to take selfies that showcase their progress and share them on social media using a specific hashtag. Award a prize to the patient with the most captivating springtime smile.

“March Oral Health Trivia”: Test patients’ knowledge of oral health by sharing a daily or weekly trivia question on your social media platforms. Offer a small prize to the patient who correctly answers the most trivia questions throughout March.

“Be Our Orthodontic Ambassador”: Invite patients to create a short video sharing their orthodontic juorney or even their day and tips for maintaining a healthy smile. The winner can become the office’s orthodontic ambassador for a month and receive a special recognition.

“March Milestones Photo Contest”: Ask patients to submit photos that capture their orthodontic journey and include a brief description of their most memorable milestone during treatment. Let the community vote on the best entry and award the winner a prize.

“Share the Love Referral Contest”: Encourage patients to refer their friends and family to the practice during March. Offer a grand prize, such as a weekend getaway or a gift card, to the patient who is randomly picked of those who referred patients.