Over 50 years of combined experience in training practice reps

Introducing our groundbreaking program, "Maximizing Orthodontic Practice Growth through Strategic Connections and Partnerships," tailored exclusively for Practice Rep Coordinators. In today’s evolving orthodontic landscape, where professional referrals are as important as ever and patient shopping behavior is on the rise, our curriculum offers a lifeline. This program dives deep into the challenges facing modern orthodontic practices, equipping participants with cutting-edge strategies to enhance referral networks, engage with schools and the broader community, and employ advanced communication and marketing techniques. Beyond traditional outreach, we introduce an innovative component of strategic value-sharing with referring practices, scheduling A,B and C practices for recurring visits and intermittent touch points to build strong relationships. Through a blend of live webinars, interactive workshops, and hands-on project work, participants will emerge with the skills to implement successful outreach programs, manage deliveries, and measure the impact of these strategies. Our program promises not just theoretical knowledge but practical tools, including development of real marketing materials and a comprehensive delivery plan. Enroll in our program to transform your orthodontic practice's approach to building and nurturing critical relationships, ensuring a robust referral pipeline, and securing your position as a leader in the  community.

$220.00 / month

Practice Rep Training -multi-location

  • On-going 2x a month training
  • Access to our PracticeConnector Facebook Group for practice reps
  • Monthly marketing plan and ideas for deliveries
  • Scripts & talking points
  • Access to proven referral system card and flyer system

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